Body of ‘hero medic’ found in Israel, 8 months after October 7th

The remains of Dolev Yehud, who was presumed hostage following the terror onslaught, were found in a kibbutz 8 months after the massacres.

By World Israel News Staff

The body of a man missing since the unprecedented October 7th massacres, who had been presumed to be held captive in Gaza, was discovered in an Israeli kibbutz, the IDF announced on Monday morning.

Dolev Yehud, 35, “heroically” left his home in Kibbutz Nir Oz during the terror onslaught to attempt to treat the wounded, his family said.

Yehud, a trained paramedic with the United Hatzalah and Magen David Adom emergency medical services, was believed for the past 8 months to have been kidnapped and in Hamas captivity.

While the announcement was scant on details, it appears that Israeli soldiers currently in the Nir Oz area discovered Yehud’s remains.

Following “advanced forensic testing and analysis,” the remains were positively identified as Yehud’s and his family was informed of his murder, the IDF said in a statement.

At the time of his slaying, Yehud was married with three children. Just nine days after his killing, his wife gave birth to their fourth child.

Yehud’s sister Arbel and her partner, Ariel Cunio, were kidnapped from the family home’s safe room on October 7th are still held hostage by Hamas.

“Just before October 7, we awarded Dolev with the Prize of Excellence for his commitment to saving lives,” said Dani Shmuel, head of the Gaza Periphery District at United Hatzalah.

“He would respond to calls day and night, at all hours, constantly putting others’ needs above his own.

“On October 7, he went out to save lives and did not return,” Shmuel said. “When I tried to reach him over the radio on that Shabbat, he didn’t respond. I was confident that it was because he was busy treating the injured.”