Anti-tank missiles fired at Israel from Lebanon, bomb shelters open

Anti-tank missiles fired from Lebanon towards northern Israel scored multiple hits. 

By World Israel News Staff

Anti-tank missiles were fired from Lebanon towards northern Israel, the IDF said on Sunday afternoon. Several hits were reported but no casualties. Hezbollah took responsibility for the attack.

“A number of anti-aircraft missiles were fired from Lebanon at an IDF base and military vehicles in the area. There are a number of confirmed hits,” the army said in a statement.

The missiles were fired at an Israeli base and IDF vehicles near Moshav Avivim, which is located less than one kilometer from the border with Lebanon. Hezbollah claimed it destroyed a tank. IDF confirms that at least one vehicle was hit.

There were no casualties, the IDF confirmed.

Israel returned fire at targets in southern Lebanon.

Residents up to four kilometers from the Lebanon border were directed to open bomb shelters and to remain in their homes, Ynet reports.

The incident follows one earlier Sunday in which the IDF fired artillery shells across the border into Lebanon toward Mount Dov.

Fires broke out in the area as a result of the shelling but there were no reported injuries.

Tensions have risen in Israel’s north since Israel carried out an attack on terrorists preparing to launch a Kamikaze drone strike. Israel revealed that the operation, which was to be launched from Syria, was under the command of Iran’s Quds Force commander Qasem Soleimani.

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Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy force in Lebanon, vowed revenge for the attack.

The terror group also holds Israel responsible for an attack on Lebanese territory targeting bases of a Palestinian terror group and for a drone strike that damaged a heavy mixer used to create fuel for precision rockets. Israel hasn’t commented on those attacks.

Hezbollah’s threats have led Israel to increase forces in the north, sending troops, artillery and planes to the region. It also delayed a military exercise planned for this week and has set up checkpoints throughout the area.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah last week, “Be careful what you say and be more careful what you do.”

Israel also reportedly warned Lebanon through U.S. channels to rein in Hezbollah.

The warnings have not appeared to deter the Hezbollah leader, who vowed again on Saturday that Israel “must pay a price” for its aggression.