Bomb attack on 3 family members in Samaria kills 17-year-old Israeli girl

Three family members were attacked at a spring named in memory of a terror victim murdered there in 2015.

By World Israel News Staff 

A father and his two teen children were attacked Friday when an improvised bomb exploded after it was either thrown at them or activated as they passed by during a hike in Samaria, near the community of Dolev.

The 17-year-old daughter has died of the critical wounds which she sustained in the attack. She has been identified as Rina Shnerb.

The family is from Lod, outside Tel Aviv.

The 46-year-old father, Rabbi Eitan Shnerb, sustained moderate wounds and his 19-year-old son, Dvir, was seriously wounded. He underwent surgery at Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem.

Israeli military forces were reported in pursuit of the terrorists. Kan public radio cited Palestinian sources as saying that the IDF has closed off Arab villages in the Ramallah area as it carried out the searches.

Military sources say that they believe that a Palestinian terror cell was behind Friday’s attack and that it was not a so-called lone wolf incident.

The three family members were visiting a spring named in memory of terror victim Dani Gonen, who was murdered there by Arab terrorists in 2015.

“On behalf of myself and the citizens of Israel, I send deep condolences to the family of young Rina Shnerb who was murdered in a harsh terrorist attack this morning, and wishes for a quick recovery to her father, Rabbi Eitan, and her brother Dvir,” Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement.

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“We will continue to strengthen settlement. We will deepen our roots and strike at our enemies. The security arms are in pursuit after the abhorrent terrorists. We will apprehend them. The long arm of Israel reaches all those who seek our lives and will settle accounts with them,” he vowed.