British Jewish MP receives death threats, gets police protection

Ruth Smeeth, a member of the Labour Party, was repeatedly called a “Yid” and other offensive names as well as being accused of being a “CIA agent,” who should “swing from the gallows” for committing treason, in a July online Facebook post.

Jewish member of the British Parliament, Ruth Smeeth, 37, is receiving police protection after she received an anti-Semitic death threat on Facebook, the BBC reported.

The threat was made after Smeeth called for Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn’s resignation in June when he failed to intervene after an activist used anti-Semitism slurs accusing Smeeth of being part of a “media conspiracy” against Corbyn during an anti-Semitism inquiry meeting.

Following the incident, Smeeth said she received 25,000 abusive comments, 20,000 of which were sent in a 12-hour period.

Smeeth said she holds Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn personally responsible for the threat.

The British Metropolitan Police Service Counter Terrorism Command has launched an investigation and a manhunt for the Facebook abuser.