Cabinet allots millions to solve migrant problem in south Tel Aviv

South Tel Aviv will be declared a national priority area as part of a multi-million shekel plan to grapple with the large influx of Eritrean and Sudanese migrants to the area.

By: World Israel News Staff

In an attempt to alleviate the problems caused by a large influx of illegal immigrants, migrant workers and asylum seekers from Sudan and Eritrea to south Tel Aviv, the cabinet decided on Monday to beef up municipal funding.

The cabinet decided that south Tel Aviv would be declared a “national priority area.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the meeting before the plan was approved that it was “an important and correct decision,” according to press release from the Prime Minister’s Office.

The plan will include world-wide diplomatic efforts to deport illegal migrants from the county, Netanyahu said.

“In the meantime, the residents of the neighborhoods of south Tel Aviv and other places are groaning under the burden of a complex reality,” he added.

“Therefore, today the Cabinet will approve an important and correct decision. We will define areas with a high percentage of illegal migrants as national priority areas.

“We will invest tens of millions of shekels to rehabilitate and strengthen infrastructures, and improve social welfare, education and health, in south Tel Aviv.

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“This is necessary in order to strengthen the socio-economic resilience of neighborhood residents, who are dealing with many challenges. At the same time we will continue our diplomatic efforts to deport the migrants. We are committed to this,” he stated.