Hamas training

WATCH: Oct. 7th massacre planned for 3 years

Hamas conducted multiple military exercises in Gaza which included hostage-taking, and breaching Israel's defenses with the last one a mere 25 days before the massacre.
November 30, 2023
Captives release

WATCH: Qatar confirms ceasefire extension

Qatar and White House confirm that the 2-day cease-fire extension is approved and will continue until Thursday morning with 10 hostages released per day.
November 27, 2023
hamas hostage

WATCH: Happy birthday Ohad!!!

Ohad Munder turned 9 years old as a hostage of Hamas, he was finally able to properly celebrate his birthday with his family and friends after being released.
November 26, 2023
Wonder Women in tanks

WATCH: Real-life Wonder Women

As the Oct 7th massacre raged on these heroic women saved an entire kibbutz taking out 50 terrorists in the process.
November 26, 2023
Inside Israel

WATCH: Hostages, Free Will, TikTok and Osama Bin Laden

Has the media and the international communities lost their minds? Their moral compass? Or are they just grossly misinformed? In this episode Michael Gerbitz and JP Katz discuss their thoughts on the idiocy of equating terrorist with freedom fighters.
November 24, 2023
miriam ezagui tiktok

WATCH: Even on TikTok Jews don’t feel safe

Orthodox Jewish TikToker Miriam Ezagui who has nearly 2 million followers, spoke on her conversation and letter to executives of TikTok on suggestive policy changes to make the user feel safer online.
November 22, 2023
Washington DC rally

WATCH: ‘American Jews don’t feel safe’

During the Washington D.C. rally for Israel last week Tuesday where more than 200,000 Jews amassed to voice their support, they were asked whether they feel safe as Jews.
November 20, 2023