Civilian casualties an advantage for Hamas, says terror chief

Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar not only ignored the consequences for Gaza civilians of launching a new war with Israel, but embraced them as a tool for promoting his agenda.

By World Israel News Staff

Hamas terror chief Yahya Sinwar embraced civilian casualties among Gaza civilians not only as an inevitable price for his organization’s attack on Israel and the subsequent war, but viewed them as a tool which would benefit Hamas and his own political agenda, according to a report Monday night.

The Wall Street Journal obtained correspondence between Sinwar, chief of Hamas’ Gaza operations, and various other officials within the terror group which reveal the October 7th mastermind’s inner thoughts on the war and its consequences for the people of Gaza.

In his letters, Sinwar explained his insistence during talks for a hostage deal on demanding terms from Israel which Jerusalem would inevitably refuse, including requiring the full cessation of hostilities and the withdrawal of the IDF from all of Gaza.

Sinwar, the report noted, was motivated by his understanding that “a calculation that more fighting – and more Palestinian civilian deaths – work to his advantage.”

The report also said that in dozens of separate letters, Sinwar demonstrated a “cold”, calculated approach to civilian deaths which displayed a “disregard” for human life.

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Multiple correspondents were cited by the report, emphasized Sinwar’s disinterest in the human cost of the war, even to his own people.

In one previously publicized message, carried by a courier to a meeting in Doha, Qatar of senior Hamas leaders in exile on the state of the ongoing war, Sinwar wrote that “We have the Israelis right where we want them,” referring to the political costs to Israel of continuing the war amid a rising Gaza death toll – and the benefits of that death toll to Hamas.

Elsewhere Sinwar referred to civilian deaths in Gaza as “necessary sacrifices.”

In 2018, Sinwar wrote “We make the headlines only with blood. No blood, no news.”

Sinwar did regret, however, the immediate responses to October 7th following the atrocities of Hamas terrorists and even Gaza civilians who seized Israeli border towns, lamenting that many who entered Israel had lost their discipline.

“People got caught up in this, and that should not have happened.”