Cobra Warrior: Israeli Air Force takes part for first time in British aerial exercise

Israeli Air Force will take part for the first time in Britain’s Exercise Cobra Warrior.

By World Israel News Staff

Britain’s Cobra Warrior exercise begins on Monday. Israeli Air Force (IAF) jets arrived in the United Kingdom last week in preparation.

The Jerusalem Post reports that three F-15 “C” Baz, four F-15 “D” Baz fighters, a KC-707 Re’em tanker and C-130J Hercules will participate.

“We are happy and proud to participate in the ‘Cobra Warrior’ exercise. This is the first time IAF fighter aircraft are deployed to and flying in Britain,” said Brigadier General Amnon Ein-Dar, the IAF’s head of Training and Doctrine Directorate.

The Royal Air Force (RAF) reports that military aircraft from the German, Italian and U.S. Air Forces will also be joining the RAF exercise, which was formerly known as Combined Qualified Weapons Instructor.

Fifty aircraft of various types will participate in the exercise, which will last 20 days. They will engage in “high intensity large force tactical training,” the RAF says.

Israel is enthusiastic about the exercise, says Brig. Gen. Amnon Ein-Dar. “The deployment will help improve IAF readiness and capability. We view this exercise as the highest standard of training, an excellent opportunity for mutual learning and bolstering cooperation between partners,” he said.

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Exercise Director and Group Captain Robert Barrett of the RAF said, “The RAF welcomes the participation of our Air Force colleagues from other nations, and we welcome the opportunity to train alongside all of the participating nations’ forces on this challenging exercise.”

The invitation to Cobra Warrior will be reciprocated as RAF pilots are expected to participate in Israel’s Blue Flag in 2020.

“It will be the first time that RAF jets will train in Israeli airspace,” The Jerusalem Post reports.