Comedian Jeff Garlin of The Goldbergs dreams of performing in Israel

Comedian Jeff Garlin, stars in the hit ABC series The Goldbergs, wants to perform in Israel.

By Joseph Wolkin, World Israel News

Jeff Garlin, the comedian best known as one of the stars in the hit ABC series The Goldbergs and HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, is ready to travel to the Holy Land.

Garlin’s Netflix special, called Jeff Garlin: Our Man In Chicago, premiered in early November. Ever since, he’s been thinking about where he can bring his stand-up comedy tour. Israel is at the top of his list.

“One of the only things left for me to do is to have a stand-up tour in Israel,” Garlin said. “Hopefully, my Netflix special is doing well in Israel. I’ve never been there. That would be fun to do shows in Israel. I know both shows are popular there, especially Curb.”

The Jewish comedian grew up in Chicago, and he plays unabashedly Jewish characters in much of his work.

However, Garlin has never been to Israel. While he didn’t say when he plans to perform in Israel, he made it clear it’s a goal he wants to accomplish.

“When I look at it, it’s really funny that I’m on the most popular Jewish show in history in terms of network TV and on cable TV, which was not my intent,” Garlin said. “I’m proud to be Jewish, but this was never my intent. It’s pretty crazy.”