Cop mistakenly shoots colleague after high-speed chase

A policeman was shot and wounded in an incident of friendly fire.   

By: Aryeh Savir, World Israel News

An Israeli police officer was shot and critically in an incident of friendly fire on Sunday night.

Several police cruisers were chasing after two suspects driving in a car on the road out of the city of Lod, in the center of the country. The suspects had already breached two roadblocks and were speeding northward. The police in pursuit had fired shots in the air.

Another police unit set up a roadblock up ahead on the road.

The suspects were subsequently stopped and arrested, but one of the policemen was shot and seriously wounded during the arrest itself.

The police has launched an investigation into the incident. Initial findings show that the shooting officer misidentified his colleague as one of the suspects and thought he was threatening the other policemen.

The victim’s condition had reportedly improved on Monday morning.