Corbyn promotes British Labour MP who called for Israel to be ‘relocated’

Labour MP Naz Shah, suspended in 2016 for calling for Israel’s relocation to the US, was appointed British shadow equalities minister. 

By: World Israel News Staff

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn appointed Bradford West MP Naz Shah as shadow equalities minister for women and equalities two years after it emerged that she had questioned Israel’s right to exist.

In 2016, Shah was barred from party activity for three months following the discovery of a 2014 Facebook post in which she shared a graphic of Israel’s outline superimposed on a map of the US.

The headline of the graphic read: “Solution for Israel-Palestine  Conflict – Relocate Israel into United States.”

The comment “Problem solved” was added.

A Twitter post later came to light in which Shah called on Brits who support Palestinians to vote in an online poll, claiming “the Jews are rallying” to skew the results of the poll.

Shah later apologized, saying she was “ignorant” about discrimination against Jews.

She was later praised by the Jewish community for her positive efforts to better understand anti-Semitism, according to the British Jewish News.