Cyclist stops to savagely beat Orthodox Jewish children in Brooklyn

He slapped one Jewish child on the face, kicked him to the ground, and threw another Jewish child onto the ground before repeatedly kicking him.

By World Israel News Staff

A cyclist in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, got off his bike and started savagely beating Orthodox Jewish children earlier this week.

Upsetting footage shows the man randomly dismounting from his bike and attacking children on the sidewalk.

He slapped one child on the face, kicked him to the ground, and threw another child onto the ground before repeatedly kicking him.

The man got back on his bike and the children fled.

The NYPD investigating the incident said there was an additional report of a cyclist attacking an Orthodox Jewish man and his son on the sidewalk.

“The suspect then pushed the victim to the ground causing a minor laceration [to] his head,” said the NYPD. “The suspect fled southbound on Franklin Avenue. There are no arrests and the investigation is ongoing.”

On October 18, just a few weeks after the Hamas massacre that left 1,200 Israelis dead and 250 taken hostage, a man followed a group of Israelis around the streets of New York, repeatedly yelled curses and eventually punched one of them.

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Yehia Amin, 28, followed five kippah-wearing Israeli men around Times Square.

During a ten-minute period, he stalked them and yelled things like “Hamas should kill more of you,” “May Allah kill you,” and “All Jews should die” while playing what he called “Hamas music” on his Bluetooth.

As the group walked towards a train station to try and get away from him, Amin added threatening statements, including, “I want to kill you,” and “I want to kill you for Gaza,” according to the prosecutors.

Amin eventually ran up to a 23-year-old member of the group and struck him on the back of his head, causing pain, redness and swelling, according to court documents.

He then fled, but was followed by the Israelis, who got the attention of a police officer who joined the chase and ultimately arrested him.

The grand jury at New York Supreme Court indicted Amin on charges of stalking in the first degree as a hate crime, aggravated harassment in the second degree, and assault and stalking in the third degree as a hate crime.