Dear useful idiots: Hamas Nazis and other jihadists are using you

‘This is the time to get united because if Israel fails in Gaza all of us, we will be next.’

By Christine Williams, Frontpage Magazine

The impact of the terror attacks in Israel on October 7 has been so severe that there are now “before October 7” and “after October 7” eras. The world is not the same. The issue of jihad war, and the evidence of 1,400 years of expansionary jihad violence, is in focus. What Hamas did on October 7 may be new to the West, but it has many historic antecedents. It is part of what jihad is. In the recent past, we saw it with the Islamic State; even now, Christians in Africa are experiencing genocide at the hands of brutal jihadists. But now jihad has, once again, struck Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.

And please, we need to stop the nonsensical view, advanced by many, about the West caring about Israel only because it’s made up of “white people.” If you go to Israel, you will see Mizrahi Jews, Ethiopian Jews, B’nei Menashe (Indian) Jews, Kaifeng Jews (Chinese), and among them all, multitudes of Arabs living their daily lives in Israel in peace. I have personally had Arab cab drivers tell me that they hate the Palestinian Authority and love living in Israel, where they can work and are treated better by the Israeli government. Israel is one of the most diverse countries in the world, and its varied citizens live together in peace, except, of course, for the Palestinian “resistance.” The lies about Israel being an “apartheid state” are grossly off-base, and anyone peddling them doesn’t deserve to be trusted as a source of information.

Before October 7, Jihad Watch, the David Horowitz Freedom Center team, along with many other organizations in the counter-jihad movement, understood what jihad is about. Hamas’ modus operandi on October 7 was not a surprise to anyone who has been following jihadist activities.

Jihad can be unspeakably brutal. It also encompasses the patient insidiousness and deceit of stealth jihad, which endeavors to fool gullible Western countries into becoming useful idiots. For instance, the West accepted the “Islamophobia” subterfuge based on claims of victimhood and charges of racism and bigotry. The term was heavily promulgated by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in order to shut down criticism of Islam and to bring Sharia blasphemy laws forbidding criticism of Islam to the West. Charges of “Islamophobia” became a tool of subjugation. With October 7, the discussion of the full ugliness of what jihad is is back on the table.

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Westerners first flung open their doors to unvetted immigration of mostly Muslim migrants on a massive scale during the Syrian war. This mass migration continued for years, and has largely been comprised of illegal, unvetted economic migrants. That stream broadened to include African Muslim illegals. Now, open doors are a globalist norm. In the globalist view, anyone can enter Western countries and people are welcome to come in any quantity, unvetted. This created conditions that were ripe for jihad by immigration, aka the hijrah. It is already a success. Given low Western birthrates and high Muslim birthrates, Western countries will be dominated by vast Sharia-believing populations in the decades to come. History teaches that when Muslim migration and influence increase, so does violence against non-Muslims. Yet in the West, very little attention was devoted to monitoring the hate coming out of mosques.

What happened on October 7 shifted the jihadist scheme to the next level, and this is still largely unrecognized. It is also causing upheaval within both the Right and Left camps. Take, for instance, the recent FrontPage Magazine article, “Goodbye Candace: A statement by the David Horowitz Freedom Center.” It has gotten plenty of attention. See HERE, HERE, HERE, and there’s more, including vibrant discussions on social media. The key point of the article was that commentator Candace Owens, an icon among many on the Right, was reckless in her seeming condemnation of Israel’s war on Hamas, and in what appeared to be her sympathies for certain pro-Hamas talking points. She also gave airtime to the infamous Norman Finkelstein, who falsely claims that Israel is an apartheid state, and to Andrew Tate, a convert to Islam who proudly promotes the idea that “ISIS are the real Muslims.”

Owens’ seeming pro-Palestinian views do not make sense for an individual who advocates for black dignity. Palestinian racism is, after all, a stain on Palestinian society. And, in fact, to this day, Arab anti-black racism is a serious problem – with Muslims still holding black slaves in Mauritania, Nigeria, Algeria, Sudan, and Libya.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators in the West are not merely exercising their freedom of expression, and they certainly are not peaceful. They are the next step in the jihad war against the West, with the jihad against Israel serving only as a springboard. But this fact is not recognized by many supporters of the Palestinians, including Amnesty International:

People in European countries who would like to express solidarity with Palestine face restrictions, including banning of flags, banners, slogans and more, in blatant violation of freedom of expression and freedom of assembly…..Amnesty has said that peaceful protests against Israel cannot be seen as a security issue.

The group further said that some countries, including Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany, have been blocking the EU from collectively calling for a cease-fire or calling out violations of international humanitarian law by Israeli security forces….

Amnesty Intl. is wrong, because pro-Palestinian protests in the West are indeed a “security issue.” They are an expansion of the jihad “resistance” and an encouragement to target Jews with violence. Such protests manipulate Western freedoms. Islamic supremacists are working to shut down the freedom of speech at any hint of criticism of Islam, but they cry foul in fighting for their free speech rights when advocating for violence against Israel and fomenting hatred of Jews and widespread anarchy in their cause of jihad.

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The pro-Palestinian protests are the next stage. They are promoting revolution. The chant “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free” is an open call to obliterate Israel from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. It is a call to violence and murder — as was demonstrated on October 7. Every Sharia-believing Muslim knows and understands that. Mosab Hassan Yousef, a.k.a. Son of Hamas, revealed the bare truth about Hamas at the United Nations, exposing the destructiveness of Westerners who are calling for a ceasefire from Israel. He is candid about his love for his people, but he is also clear about the threat of Hamas and why it is imperative that Israel wins the Gaza war. No Westerner can identify with what Yousef has experienced. He was raised by Hamas. He begins:

Hamas’ first crime against children in the Palestinian societies is not arming them or encouraging them to carry out suicide bombing attacks, it’s the religious ideological indoctrination that I had to go through with one intention in mind: to annihilate the state of Israel. This is Hamas’ primary goal. In this truth there is no confusion. I speak as a firsthand witness on Hamas of their intention. My father is one of the founders of Hamas.

And he finishes with this warning:

If Hamas is not defeated in Gaza it will inspire many groups around the globe. They will see that few thousands of savages can blackmail the International Community, the superpowers and bring democracies to their knees. Many of them are watching now. Many of them are very happy about how the world is responding and many of them are satisfied to see the state of confusion and fear and anxiety. This is the time to get united because if Israel fails in Gaza all of us, we will be next .

Watch Yousef discuss the inside story of Hamas, the reasons for October 7, and why Israel MUST win:

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This is why Candace Owens is gravely flawed in her disposition on this issue. She and others like her claim to represent America First, but they do not understand that fighting Hamas, as Israel is doing, is putting America first. The ideology behind Hamas is that of the Muslim Brotherhood, which seeks global conquest. The Brotherhood’s motto is “Jihad is the way.” What’s more, the Muslim Brotherhood is Sunni. While Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza, Hamas also serves as a uniting force between the Sunni and Shia jihadist ambitions of establishing a global caliphate, as Shiite Iran finances and supports Hamas. Iran calls Israel the “little Satan” and America the “Great Satan.” This war concerns America and the West as much as it concerns Israel. [See Robert Spencer’s video on this issue HERE.]

The jihadist aspiration is so widely held among Muslims worldwide that the hopes that many people had that Saudi Arabia would normalize relations with Israel came to nothing in the face of jihad. Those hopes dissipated as the Saudis published a map on which Israel didn’t exist, but had been replaced with “Palestine,” and the Saudis didn’t waste any time in condemning the “occupation” soon after the Hamas atrocities of October 7. Five months before that, Saudi Arabia had released Hamas prisoners after meeting with top-level Hamas operatives. No one asked why, and few even noticed.

Some governments are beginning to wake up. Germany has criminalized the chant “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free,” because the chant is indeed criminal. The Czech Republic is poised to follow suit.

“Jihad is the way” is unwelcome on Western soil for those who see the threat clearly. They gauge that pro-Palestinian activists are planting the seeds of division and ultimate jihad conquest. The willfully blind on both sides of the political spectrum are a threat to the continuing freedom of Western societies. Those on the Right who have opposed reckless immigration policies and yet have suddenly demonstrated a blind spot over Israel are disappointing, and their position raises the question: how much of their pro-Palestinian stance reflects a hitherto hidden anti-Semitism?