Death threat made against Prime Minister Bennett’s family, security increased

“One bullet in an envelope can turn into three bullets fired from a gun.”


Prime Minister of Israel Naftali Bennett received a death threat in the mail leveled at both himself and his family. The threat came with a bullet.

The threat brought both condemnations and warnings from Israel’s leadership against allowing political disputes to lead to acts of violence.

As a result of the threat, security officials in the Prime Minister’s Office have reinforced the security unit responsible for protecting Prime Minister Bennett and his family.

Bennett issued a statement on the threat saying, “Political conflict, no matter how deep it is, should not reach violence, bullying and death threats,” and that Israel, “must lower the flames of political discourse.”

He added that both the Israeli public and its leaders need to do everything to prevent such threats from occurring in the future saying, “Arguments and disagreements – yes. Bullying and threats- no.”

“I am a prime minister and a political man,” said Bennett, “but I am also a husband and father, and it is my duty to also take care of my wife and children.”

Bennett told all Israelis – from every corner of the country’s political spectrum – that the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day and Independence Day should be a time of calm and reconciliation.

“We have one house, and we must not burn it down,” declared Bennett.

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid echoed this sentiment saying, “The letter threatening the prime minister’s life is a sad and dangerous reminder of where incitement could lead.”

“We will continue to fight the hate discourse on the street, in networks, everywhere,” promised Lapid. “They will not scare us. The extremists will not defeat the sane majority.”

Defense Minister Benny Gantz said, “The threats to the prime minister’s family crossed a red line. Incitement and violence have in the past led to political assassination.”

Warning that such threats could lead to actual shootings Gantz added, “One bullet in an envelope can turn into three bullets fired from a gun. I trust the police and the GSS to put their hands on those responsible for this.”

“Even in days of severe controversy,” he warned, “we all have a duty to remember that our unity and resilience are the foundation of our power.”