Democratic senators block aid for Israel

A bill passed by the House of Representatives has been blocked by Senate Democrats demanding more funding for Ukraine.

By World Israel News Staff

A bill that was proposed to provide $14.3 billion to assist Israel in its war with Hamas in the wake of the October 7th massacre passed the House of Representatives this week, but was hit with a roadblock as Senate Democrats criticized the bill for its lack of funding for Ukraine, according to a report by Reuters.

Republican Senator Roger Marshall said: “Time is of the essence and it’s imperative that the Senate not delay delivering this crucial aid to Israel another day.”

However, Senate Democrat Patty Murray who heads the Senate Appropriations Committee, said, “Our allies in Ukraine can no more afford a delay than our allies in Israel.”

Senate Democrats also considered crucial humanitarian aid, border security, and funding to push back against China as part of a $106 billion aid package President Biden requested from Congress last month.

The bill would provide needed funds for Iron Dome and David’s Sling, indispensable defense systems that have protected Israelis from the roughly 10,000 rockets fired by Hamas during the conflict.

However, Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer called the present bill “deeply flawed,” because it was conditional on cuts to extra funding for the IRS, a move which would claimed would be a “poison pill” and increase the deficit by hindering tax collection.

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The Senate Democrats opposing the bill indicated they would be willing to agree to a bipartisan bill that wasn’t conditional on IRS cuts and would provide funding also for Ukraine.

Although President Biden expressed support for funding Israel, he declared that he would veto the bill in its present form.