‘Reichstag fire relived’: The one legitimate Nazi comparison to the Capitol riot, says Dennis Prager

“We’re living in a gigantic lie that is reminiscent of the Reichstag fire,” said Dennis Prager.

By Josh Plank, World Israel News

Author and talk show host Dennis Prager said the American left is using the Jan. 6 Capitol riot in the same way the Nazi Party used the 1933 Reichstag fire: as an excuse to suppress free speech and subjugate its enemies.

“This is the Reichstag fire relived,” Prager said in an interview on The Epoch Times‘ American Thought Leaders program on Thursday.

The Reichstag building, the seat of Germany’s parliament, was set ablaze one month after the Nazis came to power in 1933. The Nazis blamed their rivals, the communists.

“It didn’t matter to the Nazis who did it. What mattered was what they could use it for,” Prager said, “and they used it for the Enabling Act that they quickly rammed through parliament, and it enabled the Nazis to curtail civil liberties in the name of a national emergency caused by the burning of the Reichstag.”

Prager called the parallels between the German historical events and American current events “frighteningly accurate.”

“The curtailing of free speech was the first thing done,” he said. “Anti-Nazis, whether communist or not, could not express themselves after the fire.”

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Prager said that the left is totalitarian in nature. “The left suppresses liberty everywhere it takes power. There is no exception in the last 100 years,” he said.

He said Americans should have complete freedom to say they disagree with the count of the 2020 presidential election.

“But you can’t say that. That is now the Reichstag burning excuse, the fire excuse: You say that, you’re causing riots,” he said.

Prager said that the suppression of free speech poses a much greater threat to the country than the events of Jan. 6.

“The whole point of America was freedom. The left is suppressing, oppressing the greatest feature of the United States,” he said.

He said the actions of big tech, such as the coordinated shutdown of Parler, were “obviously done in the service of the Democratic Party.”

Prager also criticized the mainstream media, saying it has “no other purpose” than to serve the Democratic Party.

“My disappointment in many fellow Americans is very deep,” Prager said, adding, “The left has made a worse America.”

“I say this with sadness. I would like to separate from the left parts of the country. You take the big cities, we’ll take the rest of the country, and we’ll see who produces happier and finer human beings in 50 years,” he said.

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“I don’t know of an alternative. The gulf between left and right is greater than the gulf between north and south in the Civil War,” Prager said.