‘Disgusting and primitive’: American neo-Nazi arrested at Auschwitz for vulgar desecration

Jon Minadeo Jr., head of the Goyim Defense League, together with a friend, waved vulgar signs against the Anti-Defamation League.

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

An American neo-Nazi who heads a virulently antisemitic group was temporarily arrested by Polish police after demonstrating against Jews at the gates to Auschwitz, J. The Jewish News of Northern California reported.

On August 27, at the gates to the infamous concentration camp, Jon Minadeo Jr., leader of the California-based Goyim Defense League (GDL), had pictures taken of him holding a vulgar sign insulting Jonathan Greenblatt, head of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). A colleague, identified by the ADL as Robert Wilson, smilingly held a sign saying, “Shoah the ADL.”

The ADL, one of the most well-known Jewish organizations in the U.S., fights against antisemitism and extremism and is a particular target of the League, which has a twisted version of the ADL’s logo as its own emblem. Shoah is the Hebrew term used for the Holocaust.

According to the report, the authorities detained the white supremacist for a breach of Polish anti-hate laws. Auschwitz Memorial press officer Pawel Sawicki told the Jewish weekly that both men had “illegally bursted” into the site and “escaped immediately after taking out the hidden messages & taking the pictures.”

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“This disgusting and primitive incident was immediately reported to the authorities that began investigating,” he added.

Minadeo wrote about the arrest himself on social media Sunday along with the Auschwitz picture.

“Got handcuffed & arrested in Poland today for (((Hate Speech))) regarding Auschwitz,” he posted to Gab. “Just got released tonight with a fine and my chains and computer temporarily confiscated. Life’s good! You can’t keep me down Jews!”

In his post, Minadeo also repeated his oft-stated claim that the Holocaust is a hoax, saying, “We must continue exposing the Jewish anti white propaganda! That for decades has conditioned our people to be slaves for the Jews.”

Minadeo has uploaded several videos and pictures from his tour of Poland, some of which show him wearing a swastika necklace. He filmed a man telling him in a restaurant that the Nazi symbol is illegal in Poland and of himself calling the man profanity-laced names and asking him to step outside so they could fight.

There is no necklace in a picture he posted with the arrest papers.

Minadeo is infamous in the South Bay area of Los Angeles for his conspiracy theories and diatribes against Jews on his Goyim TV website and other social networks, where he has some 10,000 followers. He has hung Jew-hating signs from highway overpasses and has been linked to the recent distribution of antisemitic flyers on lawns in several cities in the area. Last year, he opened an online store selling Nazi-themed and homophobic t-shirts.

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Greenblatt told The Jerusalem Post during the recent celebration of the 125th anniversary of the First Zionist Congress in Switzerland that he has a personal bodyguard because he has received death threats.

“Things have really ratcheted up in the past several months,” he told the Post, citing threats from “radical left-wing, anti-Zionists” such as the BDS Mapping Project, and the GDL as an example of the hate that has been directed at him from the “radical far-right.”