Doctor at Jerusalem hospital brings cakes, takes selfie with terrorist who stabbed Jewish man

Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital doctor faces hearing after bringing cakes to Arab terrorist, taking selfie with him.

By World Israel News Staff

A doctor at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center is facing a disciplinary hearing, after he brought cakes and other foods to a hospitalized terrorist who perpetrated a terrorist attack last month.

On October 22nd, 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Qata’ish, a resident of the northeastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Anata, attacked a 20-year-old haredi man near a light rail station in the Givat HaMivtar neighborhood of the capital.

The terrorist fled the scene, but was shot, neutralized, and taken into custody shortly thereafter at a soccer field in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

Like his victim, Abu Qata’ish was brought to the Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center for treatment.

Due to the security risk posed by Abu Qata’ish, police guards were positioned at the entrance to his room.

A doctor at the hospital befriended Abu Qata’ish, bringing him cakes from the Roladin bakery, along with other food items, Israel Hayom reported.

When the police guards protested, the doctor ignored them.

The doctor also took selfies of himself smiling with Abu Qata’ish.

Following complaints over the doctor’s behavior, hospital administrators launched an investigation, and have summoned the doctor for a disciplinary hearing.

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A similar case was reported in October of 2021, when two Arab-Israeli nurses at Kaplan Hospital in Rehovot posed for a selfie with a hospitalized Hamas terrorist during a hunger strike.