Dozens of rockets fired at Golan Heights as IDF strikes deep into Lebanon

Fighting on Israel’s northern border heats up as massive barrage of rockets launched at Golan Heights and Israeli unmanned aircraft shot down.

By David Rosenberg, World Israel News

An Israeli military base in northern Israel was targeted by a massive rocket barrage Monday afternoon, as tensions on the Lebanon-Israel border continue to escalate.

Dozens of rockets were fired from southern Lebanon towards the Golan Heights Monday, the IDF said.

Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense network intercepted some of the incoming projectiles, the IDF said, though it is unclear how many.

There have been no reports of damage or injuries thus far.

Warning sirens were activated in multiple Israeli towns in the area, including Ortal, Kidmat Zvi, and Sha’al.

The rocket attacks come hours after Hezbollah terrorists operating in Lebanon claimed they shot down an Israeli unmanned aircraft.

Hezbollah said that its operatives downed an Elbit Hermes 450 “Zik” drone aircraft over the Nabatieh region of southern Lebanon Monday, using a surface-to-air missile.

The Iran-backed terror group uploaded footage to social media showing a drone aircraft being shot down.

Israel later confirmed that it had lost an unmanned aircraft which had been operating in Lebanese airspace.

The IDF claimed that it had intercepted one surface-to-air missile fired by Hezbollah terrorists at the drone, but added that a second missile managed to shoot down the drone.

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In response, Israeli aircraft struck Hezbollah positions in northeastern Lebanon, far from the Israeli frontier by southern Lebanon where most of the fighting thus far has taken place since October 7th.

Two terrorists were killed in the strikes in the city of Baalbek, marking the first time in years the Israeli military has struck northern Lebanese targets.

On Sunday, two Hezbollah terrorists were killed in an airstrike in Qusayr, Syria, near the Lebanese border.

Hezbollah confirmed that the two slain men were affiliated with the terror group, naming them as Hussein al-Dirani from Qsarnaba and Ahmed al-Afi from Brital. Both of the men’s hometowns are in the Baalbek District of Lebanon, near the border with Syria.