Drive-by shootings plague Palestinian election campaigns

Sources in Hebron claimed the latest shooting was connected to Fatah leadership.

By Baruch Yedid, TPS

Violent incidents continued between rival Fatah lists running in the upcoming elections in the Palestinian Authority as shots were fired at the home of Fatah secretary-general in Hebron Imad Khrouat on Monday night, 24 hours after shots were fired at the house of Hatem Shahin, who is running as part of Muhammad Dahlan’s list, on which PA head Mahmoud Abbas has declared war.

Sources in Hebron told TPS that the vehicle from which shots were fired at Shahin’s house was also seen near the Fatah secretary general’s house, but that it was an attempt by the Fatah leadership in Hebron to obscure its involvement against Dahlan’s men and blame an unknown third party.

Dahlan’s men claim that Abbas is using his security apparatus and the Tanzim to undermine the list of his biggest political opponents, who are running on the “Future” list ahead of the election.

In related news, five Arabs were arrested Wednesday night as hundreds of rioters threw stones, explosives and glass bottles at a police station near Sha’ar Shechem (Damascus Gate) in Jerusalem’s Old City.

During the riots, one of the officers was injured in the face after being hit by a bottle.

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Arab terrorists also carried out a number of rock attacks against three buses in Jerusalem.

The buses on their way to the Kotel, Western Wall, were badly damaged. Four people were slightly injured.