Druze IDF Veterans chairman thanks Trump from ‘depths of our heart’

Koftan Halabi, chairman of the Druze Veterans’ Association, participated in the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem Monday and discussed his “excitement as a fighter for Israel against BDS around the world.”

Exclusive to World Israel News

According to Israel’s Jewish and Druze Public Council, “The covenant of life and blood between the Druze sector and the Jewish people in Israel began even before the State of Israel was established. Lately, the need has arisen to implement and strengthen the covenant among the second generation on both sides due to the growing erosion of the recognition of its importance to both the Druze and Jewish sectors. This concerns the Druze contribution to the establishment of the State of Israel and its strategic significance for the security and strength of the state and society.”

Koftan Halabi, chairman of the Druze Veterans’ Association, who represents “a new generation,” quoted that statement to World Israel News and issued his own regarding the US Embassy move to “Jerusalem, Israel’s eternal capital,” on Monday. Following is his official statement:

Thanking Trump ‘from the depths of our heart’

“It’s a historic moment. President Trump is making history. We thank him from the depths of our heart for his courageous decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital and to transfer [the embassy] to Jerusalem.

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“During these difficult days with the Palestinians, the soldiers of our sector are doing everything they can to protect Israel’s security. Throughout the history of the State of Israel, the Druze have constituted an exemplary example of enlistment in the IDF, with high motivation and willingness to serve in significant roles during their mandatory service and also if they stay on for a career in the army.

“The IDF believes that the integration of Druze youth in different units will strengthen the years-long relationship between the community and the State and will produce even more significant successes and achievements as time goes on. In addition, it will enable a broader development path towards command-level [appointments] and becoming officers at all levels, with a wider range of duties allowing for their integration and development in a variety of positions.”

‘Our friendship will grow further’

“Our covenant grew stronger during the days of the birth pangs of the state, in the friendship that was woven between the Druze in the Land of Israel and its Jewish inhabitants,” he continued. “The then-leader of the National Committee, Yitzhak Ben-Zvi (later the second president of Israel), wrote in a letter to the Jewish Agency: ‘The heads of the community parted with me with great friendship… They emphasized several time … that they believed that our friendship will grow further.’”

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Translated from Hebrew by Batya Jerenberg