Druze snatch body of leader from morgue, bury him in mass funeral

A Druze mob forcefully took the body of Sheikh Abu Zinaldin Hassan Halabi from a hospital in Tzfat.


A massive mob of Druze community members stormed the morgue at the Ziv Medical Center in Zfat on Friday night to retrieve the body of one of the community’s elders who had died shortly before of coronavirus (COVID-19).

The throng can be seen on security camera footage bum-rushing the entrance to the hospital. Two security guards attempt to block them but to no avail. Police inside the hospital did nothing.

The crowd retrieved the body of Sheikh Abu Zinaldin Hassan Halabi and walked away with it.

The sheik was buried the next day at the Druze town of Majdl Shams in the Golan Heights, a town with a very high infection rate.

The funeral was supposedly held in capsules to prevent mass infections, but the mass turnout of thousands hindered such attempts.

The Israel Police stated it has launched an investigation into the incident.

The Ziv Medical Center conveyed its condolences to the Druze community while welcoming the police probe into the incident, which they will cooperate with to “draw the required lessons.”