Dutch online food delivery firm to acquire Israeli company for $158 million

A Dutch firm agreed to acquire 10bis, an Israeli company that enables online ordering of meals from a list of local restaurants – replacing the corporate canteen – for $158 million.

By: World Israel News Staff 

Dutch online food delivery company Takeaway.com has agreed to acquire 10bis.co.il Ltd., a Tel Aviv-based online food-ordering firm, for  €135 million ($158 million) in cash.

Takeaway.com’s shareholders still have to okay the acquisition deal, which is expected to close in the second half of 2018.

Amsterdam-listed Takeaway.com offers an on-demand, online food delivery service from local restaurants, with 11.5 million European consumers. Its five leading markets are the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Belgium and Austria.

Tel Aviv-based 10bis [ten-bis means “give a bite” in Hebrew] provides a similar service in Israel. The firm enables corporations to provide employees with meal plans by giving them credit to buy meals from a list of about 5,000 restaurants that work with 10bis.

Its software allows businesses to replace corporate cafeterias with a delivery service from local restaurants.

The users can stay in the office and place online orders for delivery and pickup or go out to eat and pay with the 10bis card at a variety of restaurants that are registered with 10bis and which pay 10bis a percentage of their income in exchange for getting the extra clientele sent their way by 10bis.

Thousands of Israeli corporations, employing hundreds of thousands, work with 10bis, Takeaway said in a statement on Saturday, announcing the deal.

Just a week ago another major food and restaurant technology deal was cinched in Israel. SimpleOrder, a firm based in Tel Aviv, was acquired for an unknown amount last week by Upserve, a restaurant management software from the US.