Egyptian Activist: Biased Media Coverage on Israel has Reached New Peaks


(Claudio Divizia/Shutterstock)

Egyptian Muslim activist Ahmed Meligy criticizes dishonest media coverage on Israel.

By: Atara Beck, World Israel News

Egyptian Muslim activist Ahmed Meligy known for his work in encouraging coexistence between Israel and the surrounding Arab countries, posted a video on his Facebook page this week calling for the media to end its “dishonest reporting” and “brainwash methods” when reporting on the news in Israel.

Ahmed Meligy, a prominent supporter of regional peace, is seen sitting in front of Egyptian and Israeli flags as he criticizes various media outlets for their anti-Israel bias, which has reached new peaks in their coverage of the wave of Palestinian terrorism that Israel has been suffering from over the past weeks.

He explains the presence of the Israeli flag by stating that the media’s handling of the current violence in Israel has driven him to say that “Israel has the right to be recognized in a proper, decent, honest way.”

He specifically mentions the BBC and the Washington Post as examples of distorted reports on the Palestinian violence, saying the reports did not convey the Israeli side of the story in a balanced fashion. He said the biased news outlets were “undermining what’s going on in Israel to the point that they are trying to bury it, so the world won’t know.”

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Even the BBC’s former director believes the network’s coverage of events in Israel is unacceptable, slanted and tainted by its anti-Israel bias, and slammed the network last week for its coverage of events in Israel.

Meligy expresses his anger for headlines which put more emphasis on the Palestinian terrorists who were killed while attacking Israelis and not on the victims of the attacks.

“Israel has the right to be recognized. What’s going on has to be mentioned fairly without these cheap tactics,” he said. The biased reporting “has nothing to do with honesty. This has nothing to do with integrity and it’s a shame,” he added.

He called on the public to become active as the “true news reporters,” saying, “it is our duty to act and show the world what’s going on in Israel.”

The video has garnered support from many on social media, with several pro-Israel pages and profiles sharing it on Twitter and Facebook.

In another post from earlier in the month, Meligy stated: “Don’t allow the haters to ignite and fuel a war between us, we have to stand all together in this, Jews & Muslims together against incitement.”