Egyptian archaeologist: This is where God first spoke to Moses

An Egyptian archaeologist claims to have found the exact spot where God first spoke to Moses. 

An Egyptian archaeologist claims he has unearthed the place where God first spoke to Moses and commanded him,“take off your shoes for you are standing on holy land.”

Dr. Abdul Rahim Rayhan told Al-Arabiya that Mount Sharia, also known as Mount Sinai, in the vicinity of the monastery of St. Catherine in the southern part of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, is the place where the dramatic encounter occurred.

“All studies have confirmed that this is indeed the site where God manifested himself to Moses,” said Rayhan, general manager of research, archaeological studies and scientific publishing in the Sinai.

According to his studies, St. Catherine’s Monastery has a bush that is believed to be the very burning bush in which God first appeared to Moses. Although local traditions include this claim, no other archaeologist has come forward with such assertions, and Judaism has no definitive tradition on the location of the biblical Horeb, identified as the burning bush’s location in the Book of Exodus.

It is of significance to note that Al-Arabiya’s report pointed out that first meeting between God and Moses is recounted in the holy books of Christianity and Islam, but failed to mention the original source, which predates those books by over a thousand years – the Jewish Bible.

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By: World Israel News Staff