Egyptian army foils ISIS terror attack in Sinai, kills 18

In videos on social media, explosions were seen at an Egyptian army base and the sound of heavy exchanges of gunfire could be heard.


The Egyptian army announced that it foiled a terrorist attack on a military base in the northern Sinai village of Rabi’a on Tuesday that killed 18 of the attacking fighters, according to a report shared exclusively with JNS by the Middle East Media Research Institute’s Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor.

According to the MEMRI JTTM report, army ground and air forces repelled an attack by “takfiri elements”—or Islamic State (ISIS) militants—and forced them into a nearby field where the 18 fighters, including one in an explosive suicide vest, were killed, the Egyptian army spokesman said in a statement.

Also destroyed were four vehicles, three of which were prepared to be utilized as car bombs.

Two members of the army died as part of the military maneuver, the spokesman said. The statement included video footage of the airstrikes and of the bodies of armed men said to be the dead attackers. According to identified photos posted on social media, no more than two soldiers were killed.

In videos circulated on social media by local residents, explosions were seen at an area identified as an Egyptian army base and the sound of heavy exchanges of gunfire could be heard. Also circulated were footage and photos of ISIS gunmen walking through the streets of the village.

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ISIS supporters online celebrated the incident, disseminating reports that the base had been completely overrun. ISIS has not officially claimed the attack, thought an announcement was expected.