Egyptian tank shell lands on building in southern Israeli town

An Egyptian tank shell landed in the middle of a Israeli moshav.

By World Israel News Staff

A building in the settlement of Bnei Nezarim, in the Eshkol Regional Council, located in Israel’s south was hit on Tuesday morning by stray tank fire from Egypt, Israel Hayom reports.

No one was hurt though it was reported the shell fell into a building used by Jewish seminary students. Fortunately, the building was empty at the time.

Rabbi Hillel Rothkopf, head of the Bnei Nezarim Yeshiva, said: “Today a great miracle happened to us, and fortunately there were no casualties. This situation must not continue in such tensions.”

An IDF spokesman said: “A landing was identified which caused damage to a civilian structure. This is probably a shell from a stray tank near the Egyptian border. The circumstances of the incident are under investigation, no injuries.”

According to images, the shell hadn’t exploded. A sapper deactivated the munition.

Egypt’s military has been battling ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula. They don’t seem to be particularly careful about where they’re aiming as this isn’t the first time that fire has reached the Israeli side.

Two months ago, an Egyptian shell fell in the same region, the paper reports, and last February, an IDF vehicle was hit by stray gunfire from Egyptian. In November 2017, an IDF soldier was lightly injured after being struck by stray fire.