Eritrea blames Mossad for migrant riots in Tel Aviv

Eritrea denies root cause of violence was clash between pro-government demonstrators and opponents of the regime; rather, the Mossad planned and executed the unrest, says the country’s Information Ministry.

By World Israel News Staff

The Eritrean government claimed that Israel’s Mossad spy agency is behind widespread rioting by migrants in Tel Aviv over the weekend, saying that the unrest was part of a massive conspiracy to tarnish the country’s image in the eyes of the world.

“The past few weeks have seen organized violence and vandalism in a number of European cities and elsewhere, aimed at disrupting national festivals and events that were organized by the Eritrean community. The main goal of this violence is to disrupt these events, which are designed to safeguard the community’s national identity, traditions and connection to the homeland,” read a media statement from the Eritrean Information Ministry regarding the recent unrest.

“The acts of subversion are sponsored by major intelligence agencies, including the Mossad,” the Eritrean Information Ministry said in a media statement about the rioting.

“Bewildered, as they are, by the indomitable resilience of the Eritrean people, they desperately seek to foment division within its ranks.”

The statement did not explain why the Mossad would support violent rioting that left several police officers seriously wounded and created hundreds of thousands of shekels in property damage to small businesses in south Tel Aviv.

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Eritrea claimed that the “organized acts of violence and vandalism” were planned and executed by the Mossad with the goal to “ruin decades-old, exemplary, and rich cultural events that Eritreans hold…to preserve their national identity and heritage.”

The Eritrean government flatly denied that the source of the rioting stemmed from conflicts between migrants who support the current Eritrean regime and those who are opposed to it.

Rather, the statement said that “the recent violent acts of harassment… are evidently prompted by, and designed to, achieve ulterior political objectives.”

It’s unclear what those political goals would be, aside from creating a justification to deport violent rioters from Israel.