Estranged niece accuses Trump family of ‘knee-jerk anti-Semitism’

Mary Trump said during an interview promoting her new tell-all book that it was “sort of normal” to hear family members “use anti-Semitic expressions.”

By Algemeiner Staff

Mary Trump — the estranged niece of U.S. President Donald Trump whose book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, was published on Tuesday — told The Washington Post that her experience growing up with her relatives was one of “a knee-jerk anti-Semitism, a knee-jerk racism.”

“It was sort of normal to hear them use the n-word or use anti-Semitic expressions,” she said of her family members, in an interview published on Thursday.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany stated on Thursday, “This is a book of falsehoods, plain and simple.”

Commenting on the timing of her book’s publication, Mary Trump said, “I’d seen enough in the last few years to know that no one thing is going to make a bit of difference. This is going to be — using the expression loosely — death by a thousand lashes, right, and maybe in this case it’s going take a million lashes, so it’s more about adding to the record of egregious things that have happened and for which there has been no accountability.”

“But more than that, I also felt a responsibility to make sure that people are as informed as possible when November comes, because I do not believe that was the case in 2016 at all,” she added.

An effort by one of Mary Trump’s uncles, Robert Trump, to block the publication of the book by Simon & Schuster was thwarted by the New York Supreme Court on Monday.

Mary Trump is the daughter of Fred Trump Jr. — the older brother of President Trump who passed away in 1981.