Analysis: Europe’s hypocrisy towards Israel, ‘Do as we say, not as we do’

Once again, the EU displays a brazen hypocrisy towards Israel by applying the policy of “Do as we say, not as we do.”

By: Daniel Krygier, Political Analyst, World Israel News

The European Union (EU) recently criticized a new Israeli law that revokes Jerusalem residency permits for individuals involved in terrorism against the Jewish state. The new law, passed by the Knesset, enables the Israeli Ministry of Interior to deal with Hamas members residing in Arab communities within Jerusalem’s municipal borders.

The new Israeli law would, according to the EU, make the lives of Jerusalem-area Arabs “even more precarious than it already is today.” The EU conveniently ignores the fact that law-abiding Arab residents who are not involved in terrorism would have nothing to fear from the new law.

Once again, the EU displays brazen hypocrisy towards Israel by applying the policy of “Do as we say, not as we do.” The European Court of Justice has already ruled that EU member states can, under certain circumstances and on a case-by-case basis, revoke asylum status for migrants suspected of supporting terrorist groups. A case was brought up to the European top court in June 2015 after Germany accused a Turkish citizen of supporting the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, also known as PKK.

Regardless of one’s position on PKK, its goals are vastly different from terrorist groups like Hamas. PKK seeks national freedom for the Kurdish people in the Kurdish areas that are occupied by Turkey and Iraq. However, the Kurdish group does not seek the destruction of Turkey or Iraq. PKK does not have a charter that demonizes Turks or Arabs as “evil” or portraying them as “apes and pigs.”

By contrast, Hamas is a terrorist organization that rejects Israel’s right to exist within any borders. Hamas’ charter explicitly calls for the destruction of the Jewish state, and the terror group demonizes Jews as “apes and pigs.” Unlike PKK, Hamas is not interested in the freedom of its own population. Quite the contrary. The civilian Arab population in Hamas-ruled Gaza has never been less free and more oppressed than today.

Instead of focusing on improving the lives of Gazans, Hamas focuses on ending the lives of Jews. Hamas could not care less about the wellbeing of its own population. The Gaza-ruling Islamist group deliberately aims at Jewish targets while hiding behind Arab civilians – a double war crime. Like Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s regime in Ramallah, the leadership of Hamas enjoys a life of luxury while the majority of Gazans live under harsh conditions caused by Hamas.

Why should Israel allow extremists belonging to a terrorist group committed to its destruction to reside in the Jewish state’s capital? Only a society that has given up on life would agree to this kind of suicidal behavior.

Instead of preaching morality to a Jewish state fighting for its existence, the EU should realize that Israel is at the forefront defending the entire free world against medieval Islamist barbarism.