Fake and bake? Israelis accuse lawmaker of passing off store-bought challah as her own

Some Twitter haters claimed that Ayelet Shaked didn’t really bake the loaves of bread in photos she posted to the internet.

By World Israel News Staff

Former Minister of Justice Ayeled Shaked recently posted photos online of herself in the kitchen with several loaves of challah, the traditional bread Jews eat on the Sabbath.

Skeptical Israelis lashed out at the lawmaker, claiming that the photos actually showed store-bought loaves that Skaked allegedly passed off as her own.

Shaked’s detractors claimed she wasn’t wearing “baking clothes” and that the photos showed her merely brushing the bread with olive oil before heating it up, Israel Hayom reported.

One commenter posted, “Can I have the recipe? I mean the bakery’s address. … Just like your politics–all zigzags and lies.”

שבת שלום 🇮🇱

Posted by ‎איילת שקד – Ayelet Shaked‎ on Friday, 29 January 2021

After the Sabbath ended, Shaked responded by posting her recipe, with her supporters offering praise.

“Jealousy drives people insane,” said one Shaked fan. “Don’t pay attention to them! The challahs looked beautiful and delicious.”

That supporter also lamented the state of Israeli politics and the fact that people found fault with a photo of challahs baked for the Sabbath.

Shaked has served in the Knesset as a member of the right-wing Yemina party and has in the past shown a willingness to confront the Supreme Court, which has been accused of overreach and favoring left-wing causes.