Falcon booby-trapped by Palestinian terrorists sent to attack Israel

After over three months of sending incendiary kites and balloons over the border to Israel, Hamas is now utilizing innocent birds to carry out these arson attacks. 

By: World Israel News Staff

Hamas harnessed incendiary materials to a falcon and sent it towards Israel, marking a new development in the terror group’s arson terrorism against Israel’s south.

Gilad Gabai, a National Parks Authority ranger, discovered the bird on Monday near Nahal Habesor with the flammable materials tied to its tail. The bird was dead, after apparently igniting a fire nearby.

Gabai told IDF Radio on Tuesday that “animals are already being burned as a result of the fire kite and balloon terrorism. Now we see that they [Hamas] have moved on to using animals as a weapon. This is very distressing.”

“Apparently it’s not enough to destroy nature with kites, now falcons are being used for terror as well,” the IDF’s Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories said.

Hamas’ burning kites and balloons launched over the border fence have ignited over 1,000 fires in the area adjacent to the Strip in the past three months, laying waste to more than 8,200 acres of forest and agricultural land, with damage totaling tens of millions of dollars.

The Gaza-based arson terrorists ignited 24 fires in Israel’s south on Monday, and in response, an Israeli Air Force (IAF) aircraft struck two Hamas posts in the northern Gaza Strip.

These posts were located near areas where arson balloons are launched, starting fires in Israel, the IDF stated.