Family dog in Israel sprayed with swastika

Owners of a dog in central Israel were horrified to find their beloved pet sprayed with a swastika.

An Israeli family, residents of Moshav Kfar Vitkin in central Israel, was shocked Saturday morning to discover that their dog had been sprayed with a swastika overnight, Ynet reported.

“The dog was loose outside at night, and in the morning when my wife saw him she was surprised to discover that someone had painted a swastika on his head,” Omri Kessler, father of the family, said, according to Ynet.

“It is horrifying to see a swastika in the Land of Israel,” he added. “It is even more appalling that someone grabbed the dog and drew a swastika on him. It’s abuse.”

“We published the incident both on Facebook and on the community website in the moshav,” Kessler said. “If I knew who did it, I would take him for a whole day to tour Yad Vashem to understand the meaning of the deed.”

In August, a hispanic woman in Phoenix, Arizona, was horrified when a neighbor’s dog showed up at her door with a swastika painted on its head, saying she felt threatened by the display of neo-Nazi hate.

By: World Israel News Staff