Father of one of the terrorists who murdered Israeli security guard was an accomplice

The terrorist’s father knew about the attack in advance and then helped them escape.

By World Israel News Staff

The investigation into the shooting death of security guard Vyacheslav Golev at the entrance to the city of Ariel on Friday night reveals that the father of one of the terrorists knew about the planned attack in advance and assisted them.

The terrorists were identified as Yahya Marai, 10, and Yusef Assi, 20, from the Palestinian village of KBH, near Ariel.

Footage from the scene shows a passenger in a blue Suzuki opening fire. Both the driver and the passenger then exited the car and continued shooting before driving off.

After murdering the 23-year-old victim, the terrorists – who were later captured – drove to an open area about 20 minutes away and set fire to the vehicle they were using when they committed the drive-by shooting attack, according to the investigation.

The Israel Security Agency, which continues to probe the incident, suspects that the father then picked them up and drove them back to their village.

The terrorists were reportedly well acquainted with the area surrounding Ariel. A few days before the attack, they went to observe the location and decided it was a good target, as the area is sparse and security is light, especially on Friday night.

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On Sunday morning , the IDF mapped the homes of the terrorists for demolition.

Golev’s funeral was held Sunday afternoon in his hometown of Beit Shemesh.