FBI arrests Nazi-loving racist in NY who talked of carrying out mass shooting

Prior to his arrest, Miner purchased body armor emblazoned with an iteration of the “Wolfsangel,” a Nazi party symbol.

By Aaron Sull, World Israel News

A mass shooting spree may have been thwarted when two anti-Semites were arrested after purchasing illegal weapons from an undercover FBI agent on Tuesday.

The FBI began watching Joseph Miner, 29, in late 2019 when he posted on Instagram his interest in obtaining assault weapons and other deadly firearms for a “racial civil war or racial holy war,” according to a statement by the U.S. Department of Justice for the Eastern District of New York.

Last April, Miner initiated contact with an undercover law enforcement agent posing as a firearms dealer and reviewed with the agent a list of untraceable guns that he wanted to purchase for himself and his 40-year-old neighbor Daniel Jou.

“What the defendants did not know was that they were buying the guns from an undercover federal agent who had been investigating their plan to buy weapons that would be impossible to trace,” said U.S. Justice Attorney Richard Donoghue.

On May 12, the two of them met up with the “dealer” to buy the illegal firearms they had agreed upon.

Miner purchased an untraceable handgun, shotgun, and a “ghost” gun, a semi-automatic rifle with no serial number or other identifying markings. Jou purchased a Glock 19 handgun and a fully automatic rifle with obliterated serial numbers.

In addition, they bought 200 rounds of ammunition and expressed interest in buying more, the statement said.

On Wednesday, prosecutors pointed out the alarming Instagram posts Miner made under the name “Souljagoy” in the past as proof of his intentions.

In one post, Miner posted a photograph of himself giving a Nazi salute with the caption, “God I hate women Jews and n—ers.” In another post, Miner is depicted giving a Nazi salute as he displays a large knife and wrote, “overthrowing [Jews] is our Christian duty.”

In response to a bloody crime scene photograph from the Chanukah 2019 machete attack at a rabbi’s home in New York, Miner commented, “ngl [not gonna lie] this is pretty f—ng exciting;”

He also posted Instagram messages displaying suicidal ideas and fantasies about “martyring” himself and “go[ing] out in a blaze of glory” in a mass shooting, the prosecution said.

On January 22, he posted a picture of the entrance to a Jewish Community Center in Queens.

The FBI also said that prior to his arrest, Miner purchased body armor emblazoned with an iteration of the “Wolfsangel,” a Nazi party symbol.