Female IDF officer responsible for felling Syrian Sukhoi fighter jet

A female IDF officer was responsible for downing the Syrian Sukhoi fighter jet that violated Israel’s airspace. 

By: World Israel News Staff

IDF Captain Or Na’aman commanded the Patriot battery stationed in northern Israel which shot down a Syrian fighter jet Tuesday.

Channel 10 reporter Or Heller first publicized the name of the officer Tuesday night.

Na’aman is the commander of the Patriot Battery of the 138th Battalion. She was in charge when it shot down a drone that entered Israeli air space from Syria and crashed over the Sea of Galilee earlier this month.

The Syrian Sukhoi fighter jet was downed by two Patriot missiles launched from Safed after the jet penetrated nearly two kilometers into Israeli airspace.

The pilot of the jet who was killed was identified as Colonel Umran Mare of Tartous.

It is estimated that the pilot did not intend to enter Israeli air space but that it was the result of a navigation error. However, Israel is unable to ascertain immediately the cause of a given combat jet’s violation of its airspace without compromising security. Therefore, Israel’s policy, articulated to Syria and Iran, is to shoot first and ask questions later.