First Druze fighter pilot in Israeli history set to earn wings

The IAF’s first Druze fighter pilot is set to graduate from pilot training soon.

By World Israel News Staff

The first Druze pilot trainee to complete the prestigious Israel Air Force pilot course has passed the final stages, Israel media reports. He will earn his wings in two weeks.

The pilot trainee, referred to in the press only as G. for security reasons, comes from a Druze village in the north of Israel.

“Everyone here is very proud of him, and I can testify that the discussion in the past few weeks has been around the fact that he is about to finish the course, a pride that can not be described in words… This is a moment and a historic achievement for our village and for the entire community,” a friend of G. from his village told the Ynet news site.

G. chose to fly attack helicopters. Ynet reports, because he found them more challenging than fighter jets. “His family supported him throughout the course, and he spoke little as he passed each stage,” relatives said.

Three Druze have previously completed training in the IAF, but as navigators, the first graduating only a year and a half ago. Druze who have trained as pilots previously dropped out of the course, unable to endure the demanding training.