Florida imam blasts Jews and Christians, Abraham Accords

Dr. Fadi Yousef Kablawi spreads hatred of Jews and Christians and says countries who signed accords with Israel are “losers.”

By Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

A Florida imam with a history of anti-Semitic and anti-Christian remarks blasted Jews and Christians as well as the Arab countries that normalized relations with Israel in a recent sermon translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Using well-known Islamic epithets for Jews in his March 12 speech, Dr. Fadi Yousef Kablawi of the North Miami Islamic Center said, “Some people talk about peace and normalization and say that these are good people… Are you crazy? You are fools, that is what you are.

“You sold your religion, your people, your creed, your nations, and your nationalism, and you stand for nothing, because you are losers. You have nothing to stand up for, so you seek your honor from others… Who do you go to? The brothers of the apes and pigs. Huh? The offspring of pigs and apes – that’s who you seek you honor from?”

Jews are “criminals,” he added, saying, “There is no corruption in the world that the [Jews] are not behind. [You should] know it for a fact.”

Kablawi has published his anti-Semitic views at least as far back as 2010 in an Islamic magazine he edited. He wrote that “Allah’s anger” is specifically aimed at Jews because the Jews knew the truth and rejected it and deliberately came with falsehood.”

According to MEMRI, which has translated other sermons Kablawi’s Center has posted on its official Facebook page, Christianity is also a favorite target of the 42-year-old preacher.

In a speech last June, he took issue with the Black Lives Matter violent protests following the death of African-American George Floyd. He then went on to blame Christians for the wave of pillaging that was taking place.

Their “corrupted” religion, he said, is “the very first problem I see in America,” as it allows people to loot as much as they want because “at the end of the week you are forgiven” after confession in church.

“You tell me how such a religion will create good citizens,” he said.

Before the recent American elections, he told his flock that there was no difference between Donald Trump and Joe Biden because “all cows look alike, all pigs look alike.” He was against voting at all, saying, “It is a form of polytheism, when you choose and elect people to put them in power who are going to rule not according to the Shari’ah [Law] of Allah.”

In that sermon, he also denied that the 9/11 attack on America was carried out by Islamic terrorists.

According to his official biography, Kablawi moved with his family from Jordan to the United States when he was in his late teens and eventually completed a doctoral degree in dentistry. He was always active in religion-based activities, leading the Muslim Student Association in college and founding a similar group at his dental school.

He became an imam, or religious leader and preacher, by distance-learning at the Islamic Academy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.