Former US Navy intel officer plotted to ‘wipe out’ Jews, kidnap Jewish leaders

Former Navy officer with high security clearance told undercover FBI agents that he wanted to kidnap Jewish leaders, see the population of American Jews “wiped out” by Christians.

By Adina Katz, World Israel News

An intelligence officer employed by a U.S. government defense contractor who participated in the January 2021 Capitol riot is an ardent neo-Nazi who wanted to see Christian militias murder the entirety of the Jewish population in the U.S., according to several American media reports.

Former U.S. Navy officer Hatchet Speed was found guilty last week of “obstructing an official proceeding” and “disorderly conduct in the Capitol and several other misdemeanors,” CNN reported. He is due to be sentenced in early May.

“Speed saw the Jews as ‘everywhere,’ fighting to destroy Christians, and he was not willing to sit by,” prosecutors wrote in his indictment, which was viewed by the Washington Times.

Speed, who held a Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information clearance after leaving the Navy and worked for a Pentagon-affiliated defense company, reportedly told undercover FBI agents that he blamed Jews for the deterioration of American society.

He described Hitler as “one of the best people that’s ever been on this earth,” according to court documents obtained by the Intercept, and said that the U.S. needed “somebody like Hitler to stand up and say we’re going to stand against this moral incineration.”

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According to the FBI, Speed blamed Jewish billionaire George Soros and the Anti-Defamation League for funding and promoting the Black Lives Matter movement, and believed that Jewish leaders needed to be kidnapped in order to stop the push towards progressive causes in mainstream U.S. life.

Speed said he was planning to kidnap “people that are actually reachable by someone like me. People who don’t have bodyguards.”

The Washington Times reported that Speed told the FBI that he wanted to “enlist Christians to wipe out the country’s entire Jewish population.”

The judge said that the testimony and evidence regarding Speed’s antisemitic beliefs had no impact on the verdict, but simply underscored that he was an extremist with nefarious intentions when he infiltrated the Capitol Building on the day of the riot.