France refuses to recognize Israel’s role in Syrian rescue mission

The official statement from the French Foreign Ministry on the rescue of Syrian “White Helmets” did not mention the word “Israel” even once.

By: World Israel News Staff

While Israel played an indispensable role in the rescue of a significant number of White Helmets and their family members from a precarious situation in Syria, France’s Foreign Ministry issued an official statement with no mention of the Jewish state.

France’s decision to omit the word “Israel” from its announcement on the mission is at odds with other Western countries such as Germany, the US and the UK, which lauded Israel’s humanitarian gesture and its protection of over 400 members of the Syrian Civil Defense organization, who “faced an immediate threat to their lives,” the IDF stated.

Member of the French Parliament, Meyer Habib, commented on his nation’s snub of the Jewish state, “Many Western countries have expressed their gratitude to Israel following the extraordinary humanitarian activity. Even European Union Foreign Policy chief, Federica Mogherini, who is usually hostile to Israel, expressed her appreciation,” reported the Jerusalem Post.

The French statement read in part, “Due to extensive international mobilization, a group of White Helmets and their families could leave Syria today, where there was a real danger to their safety. France has actively joined the procedures carried out by several partners to ensure the success of the operation.”

Habib chalked up his nation’s decision to ignore Israel’s central role in the rescue to the virulently anti-Israel attitudes held by French diplomats and foreign ministry officials.

According to Habibi, “They’d rather ignore the facts and reality than thank Israel. It’s pathetic and inappropriate,” reported the Post.

Notwithstanding France’s refusal to acknowledge Israel’s role in the rescue mission, the IDF orchestrated and executed critical aspects of the operation, with the Israeli army overseeing an hours-long procession of buses filled with White Helmets, women, and children into the Jewish state.

“When they reached the border with Israel, their eyes were filled with tears of happiness, knowing that they got their lives back,” said the IDF’s Lt. Col. E., Commander of Operation Good Neighbor.

The IDF accompanied the convoy to Jordan, where the evacuees’ journey came to a close for now. Eventually, they will travel to the UK, Canada and Germany for resettlement.

Unlike France, the US had high praise for Israel’s role in the mission.

“Following a request from President Donald Trump and other allied leaders, last night Israel conducted a daring humanitarian rescue from Syria of hundreds of ‘White Helmets’ personnel and their families and transferred them safely to Jordan,” US Mideast enjoy Jason Greenblatt tweeted.