Freed hostage escaped from terrorists before being recaptured in Gaza

Ron took advantage of a bombing attack in Gaza City to escape from Hamas terrorists and crawled through rubble to get away.

By World Israel News Staff

Yelena Magid, the aunt of freed hostage Ron Krivoi (25), in an interview on Kan Reshet B on Monday described her nephew’s escape from terrorists in Gaza, before being captured again four days later.

Ron, who was a sound technician at the Nova music festival, initially fled from the gunmen and then decided to hide in the bushes, until he was apprehended by terrorists at around 10:30.

His friend on the call yelled, “Ronnie! Ronnie!” but the terrorists picked up the phone, laughed and hung up.

In Gaza, Ron took advantage of a bombing attack in Gaza city to escape from Hamas terrorists and crawled between the rubble to get away.

Four four days, Ron hid alone in Gaza city, but found it very difficult to avoid detection.

Yelena Magid explained, “He tried getting to the border. He did not have the capacity to understand where he was and where he needed to go, so he could not navigate the open field. He was alone.”

He was recaptured by terrorists only to be released on Sunday evening at the request of the Russian government, since Ron is also a Russian citizen.

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Yelena described her nephew’s condition and state of mind since his release.

“I asked him today: ‘How are you feeling? Do you have nightmares?’ He answered: Yes, I have nightmares from the party and captivity, but that is good, it means I am handling it well.”

Ron Krivoi has sustained some head injuries which he received while emerging from the rubble of the fallen building, but otherwise Yelena reports, “He’s okay. He is being checked.”