Freed hostage siblings discover their mother was killed in the Be’eri massacre

‘Their mom was murdered on October 7. The children did not know that.’

By World Israel News Staff

When brother and sister Noam Or (17) and Alma Or (13) were released from captivity in Gaza on Saturday night, relief was mixed with sadness when they discovered that their mother  Yonat was killed in the Hamas attack on Be’eri 50 days earlier.

The siblings’ uncle, Ahal Besorai, spoke to CNN. “My sister, their mom, was murdered on October 7. The children did not know that.”

He continued, “We thought they were together when they were kidnapped, but they were separated from the outset.”

“When they first crossed the border and reunited with their grandmother and older brother, the first news that they had to confront was the fact that their mom was no longer alive. And that was a terribly emotional and traumatic moment for them.”

Of the 1,200 Be’eri residents, 120 were killed and many others were taken as hostages in Gaza.

When asked what his nephew and niece had said about their ordeal in captivity, Ahal Besorai replied, “It wasn’t pleasant, to say the least. It was horrible.”

He said he didn’t want to go into further details to avoid endangering other hostages, including their father Dror, who is missing and presumed captured.

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The siblings did, however, keep a diary during their captivity, but Hamas didn’t allow them to take it with them.

Instead, the terrorists took the siblings out of the room, telling them they were going to the toilet, then they blindfolded and handcuffed and took them to the Red Cross vehicle for their release.

On his way out of Gaza, Noam said, according to his uncle, “I feel so sorry for them because they are staying here, and we are going home.”

Ahal reports his niece and nephew are “sort of okay” and smile frequently, but he added that when he looks at Alma’s smile, he admits, “What is behind these glittering eyes? What is deep inside them following this horrible ordeal? It is just very difficult for me to assess.”