French Prime Minister Blames Muslim Terror on France’s Own ‘Ethnic Apartheid’

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls blames French “apartheid” for causing terror.

Muslims riot in France. (Photo:

Muslims riot in France. (Photo:

After suffering long string of  Islamic terror attacks in France, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has found the root of the problem – the French, and their “apartheid” regime ruling over the immigrants in France.

“These last few days have underscored a lot of evil that is gnawing at our country and challenges we must be equal to,” Reuters quotes Valls as saying at a New Year’s address to the media.

Relating to the root of radical Islam in France, Valls said that the French “have to look at all the divisions, the tensions that have been going on for years … the neglect of the suburbs, the ghettos, the social misery,” he said.

Cherif and Said Kouachi, who committed the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and Amedy Coulibaly who murdered four Jews at a Market in Paris, were from the large Muslim immigrant community in France.

“A geographical, social and ethnic apartheid has established itself in our country.” In others words, the root of Islamic hatred is tied in with immigration and social issues, not religion or culture.

Valls called for reforms, which he believes means “fighting relentlessly against the inequalities. We have to battle each day this terrible feeling that there are second class citizens or some people that are more import than others.”

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France has been suffering from a series of terror attacks motivated by Islam. French officials often refuse to call the attacks “terrorism,” opting to characterize them as criminal cases instead.