Friedman blasts Palestinians for ‘unconscionable’ pay to Ari Fuld’s murderer

David Friedman slammed the PA for its decision to pay a monthly salary to to Ari Fuld’s killer’s family.

By: World Israel News Staff

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman communicated his shock at the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) recent announcement that the family of the murderer of Israeli activist Ari Fuld would be “eligible to receive a monthly salary” based on the crime he committed.

“The Palestinian Prisoner Affairs Commission has confirmed that the family of the terrorist who murdered Ari Fuld is ‘eligible to receive a monthly salary’ as compensation for his incarceration,” tweeted Friedman on Thursday.

“This practice is unconscionable and must stop if there is to be any hope for peace,” he added.

Friedman made the comments after a PA official confirmed to Times of Israel that the family of the killer, Khalil Jabarin, would in fact be eligible for payments.

The revelation was made in the context of the PA’s denial that the Jabarin family had already been paid over $3,000 immediately following Fuld’s death, a claim that was aired in a report by Israel’s Channel 20 news.

In the context of denying the report, a PA official told the Times that the family would only be eligible for the payments after filing the proper paperwork, which the official claimed usually takes months.

Following that process, however, the official indicated that regular payments would begin.

“We are not bashful or secretive about our support for our prisoners,” the PA official told the Times. “The [Jabarin] family would be eligible to receive a monthly salary of NIS 1,400 ($390), if their son is not freed by Israel and it completes all the necessary documents.”

Fuld, an immigrant from the US, was hailed as a passionate advocate for the State of Israel, who devoted his life to defending the nation both as a soldier and as an activist.

After Jabarin stabbed Fuld in the back multiple times, he leapt into action, firing his handgun at the terrorist to prevent an attack on bystander Hila Peretz before ultimately succumbing to his wounds.