Gantz: No matter who runs Gaza after war, IDF will be responsible for security

The future control of Gaza in the aftermath of the war is uncertain, but Gantz insists that Israel must be in charge of security in Gaza long-term. 

By World Israel News Staff

Benny Gantz, a Minister-without-portfolio in the National Unity Government, declared that, although it’s uncertain who will govern Gaza following the war, Israel must be responsible for security in the region for an extended period.

Gantz also acknowledged that the duration of the war is hard to predict, but stressed that it should not be curtailed until Israel achieves its necessary objective–to eliminate Hamas.

At a press conference Wednesday, Benny Gantz outlined the present and future situation, “Once the Gaza area is safe, and the North will be safe and the Judea and Samaria region will calm down – we will go down and review an alternative mechanism for Gaza. I don’t know what it will be.”

“But I do know what cannot be there–an active Hamas presence with a government and military capabilities.”

When asked to predict how long the war could last, Gantz responded, “The war here is for our existence for Zionism, and so I can’t provide an estimate of the length of each stage in the war and the fighting that will ensue after. We can’t retreat from our strategic objective.”

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He then emphasized that the actions and the very existence of Hamas aren’t just harmful for Israel but for democracy and the entire Middle East.

However, Gantz added that eliminating Hamas will take time and will result in casualties. Ultimately, the war minister stressed that Israel would emerge victorious and committed to maintaining security in Gaza for the long term.

Concerning Hezbollah in Lebanon and the crisis in the North, Gantz said, “Though Hezbollah is an Iranian branch, it’s a Lebanese organization. If he (Nasrallah) decides to protect Gaza at the expense of Beirut–so be it. I highly recommend him to do the right calculus.”