Gaza source: The moment Hamas is in trouble, Ra’am will topple Bennett government

“After all, Mansour Abbas is Qatar, and Yahya Sinwar is Qatar, and Qatar is the common umbrella for both of them, all being the Muslim Brotherhood,” the source said.


Hamas is sure of its eventual achievements since it knows that if it is threatened by Israel, the Islamist Ra’am party, a member of the coalition, will threaten to topple Naftali Bennett’s government, and will end the trouble, a source close to Hamas said.

Referring to the recent violent events in the Gaza Strip and the issue of Qatari funds meant for the Strip, an Arab source who is in contact with the Hamas leadership in the Gaza Strip told TPS Sunday that Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar “knows that he and Gaza are the reason for the continued existence of Naftali Bennett’s government because, at any moment when Sinwar gets entangled, Mansour Abbas [head of the Islamic Ra’am party] will resign from the government,” in his opinion.

“This is clear to Sinwar, so he is not afraid to put pressure on the Israeli government,” the source said,

“After all, Mansour Abbas is Qatar, and Yahya Sinwar is Qatar, and Qatar is the common umbrella for both of them, all being the Muslim Brotherhood, this one in Hamas and the other one in the Islamic movement in Israel,” he explained.

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“Sinwar is not afraid of tactical moves against Israel, so he goes to the end, but he is careful not to enter into a full confrontation. These are moves with which he intends to expedite a complete solution for the Gaza Strip,” the source offered.

On the entry of the Qatari funds into Gaza, he said that Sinwar “is sure” that the Qatari money will eventually reach Gaza, Hamas officials, and at the end of the day, the Qatari money will reach Hamas retroactively, for three months, but will come under the guise of “social services.” There are seven million dollars that will not be used for salaries but will reach Hamas.

The agreement on the transfer of the funds was reached between Israel, Qatar and the United Nations, and although the UN charges a double commission for the transfer of the funds in comparison to the commission demanded by the Palestinian Authority, Sinwar knows that Hamas will receive the full amount, he said.

More importantly, the agreement “leaves Qatar as the main player in the Gaza arena. This is an Israeli and American mistake, but we are already used to the mistakes of the United States in the region,” he pointed out.

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On the statements in Israel over the weekend regarding “an achievement” regarding the new deal to transfer the Qatari funds, the source said that Sinwar supports the agreement.

“Although Israel prefers to describe it as an achievement and a change in the equation with Hamas, it is clear to Sinwar that the agreement serves him and he understands that these are media tricks by the Israeli government,” he asserted.

“Hamas will continue to prove, under the auspices of the current Israeli government, that it is the only factor in the Palestinian arena and that this is the basis for the legitimacy it did not receive in the elections cancelled by Mahmoud Abbas,” he concluded.