‘Beginning of Hell’: Gaza terror group warns Israel to get ready

The Hamas affiliated terrorist group vowed to launch 1,300 incendiary balloons at Israel on Friday.

By Aaron Sull, World Israel News

The Sons of al-Zawari, a Hamas affiliated terrorist group responsible for many of the incendiary balloons launched against Israel, warned the Jewish State on Thursday that the “beginning of hell” is imminent and vowed to launch 1,300 incendiary balloons on Friday, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The terrorist group published videos and pictures of a number of incendiary balloons and a makeshift aerial device with incendiary devices attached.

The Sons of al-Zawari announced earlier in the day they were waiting for Israel to respond to their demands, but did not specify what those demands were, the report said.

A similar threat was made in May by Ahfad Al-Nasser, another Hamas-affiliated terrorist group, which said they would turn the area bordering Gaza into hell if Israel didn’t send over coronavirus medical supplies.

Even though Israel’s Health Ministry had already sent over medical supplies and established a field hospital for coronavirus patients from the strip, the terrorist group launched their incendiary balloons anyway.

Incendiary aerial devices have long been used by Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists against Israel.

Hamas began launching incendiary devices into Israel in April 2018 – first with kites and then balloons. The low-technology weapons have managed to stymie Israel’s Defense Forces, causing widespread damage to farmland and nature reserves.

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In December 2019 Israel began testing a new weapon called called “Light Blade,” a targeted laser system that looks much like a miniature Iron Dome.

It tracks the suspicious airborne object, locks onto it, and blasts it with a unique laser beam.

If the object is a balloon loaded with flammable material, it will explode. If it’s a drone, its motor will be knocked out and crash.