Gaza terrorists launch rocket, Israeli Air Force retaliates

Israel says it will hold Hamas responsible for all terrorist activities from the Gaza Strip.

By David Isaac, World Israel News

After a relatively calm period brought on by the corona pandemic, Gaza terrorists again struck, launching a rocket into Israeli territory just before 9:00 p.m. on Monday, the IDF reported.

A red alert was sounded through a smartphone application of the Home Front Command.

In response, IDF aircraft targeted a Hamas infrastructure used for underground activity in the southern Gaza Strip. IDF tanks also targeted Hamas military posts.

Ironically, the attack comes on the heels of reports Monday that Israel approved the transfer of $50 million from Qatar to the Gaza Strip. Qatar has been sending millions to the Hamas terror group with Israeli approval for ostensibly humanitarian services. The money is slated to arrive this week or next.

Israel’s willingness to allow these huge cash infusions has not led Hamas to renounce violence.

Hamas senior leader Hussam Badran said Monday to Arab media, “Hamas will do everything in its power to halt the annexation plan of the Zionist occupation.” He said that Hamas has power centers also within Judea and Samaria, suggesting the terror group will launch attacks on Israel from there as well.

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Haaretz reported on Monday that “the organizing committee for the Palestinian ‘March of Return’ protests at the Gaza border is expected to discuss the resumption of launching explosive-laden balloons into Israel, as well as protests along the border and nighttime activity, after formally halting these in December.”

Arson balloons were launched earlier this week into Israel. Hamas claims it was the work of young people looking to restart action on the border.

Israel has said it will hold Hamas responsible for terror emanating from the Gaza Strip.