Gaza arson terror causes massive blaze outside Israeli kibbutz

With planes and other advanced equipment, nine firefighting teams battled a huge fire on Saturday caused by Palestinian terrorists using an airborne incendiary device.

By: World Israel News Staff

On Saturday, terrorists in the Gaza Strip targeted Israel communities with incendiary kites, causing two major fires.

One of the fires, near Kibbutz Or Haner, burned out of control, requiring nine firefighting teams and firefighting aircraft, reported Channel 10 news.

The other fire was ignited near Kibbutz Nir Am.

Arson terror has become increasingly popular among Palestinian rioters near the Gaza border, who start fires by floating incendiary devices into Israeli territory using kites and helium balloons, the gas for which is reportedly pilfered from Gaza hospitals.

To date, Palestinian arson terrorists have caused millions of dollars of damage in Israel, destroying thousands of acres of farmland and nature preserves.

This Friday, demonstrations were staged on both sides of the Gaza border.

While thousands of Israelis peacefully rallied for the return of two IDF soldiers’ remains held by Hamas, Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul, Palestinians amassed within Gaza to continue the Hamas-orchestrated violent rioting organized under the “March of Return” banner.

The Palestinians’ tactics during the campaign have included planting plain-clothes Hamas commandos among civilian rioters, paying a family to lie and say that Israeli tear gas killed an 8-month-old baby, a fabrication later refuted by a Palestinian doctor, and claiming that IDF snipers shot a paraplegic protester, despite conflicting reports within the Palestinian media that cast serious doubt on the circumstances surrounding his death.

One Palestian reportedly died this week during the riots, killed when an improvised explosive detonated in his hand.