Gazan civilians call Hamas ‘dogs,’ beg Israel to ‘get rid of them’

Gazans speaking with IDF officers express their hatred for Hamas.

By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Israeli intelligence officers are revealing conversations with Gazan civilians that indicate heated criticism of Hamas and the feeling that the terror group is harming and exploiting them.

One particularly enraged Gaza resident said, “Notify your leaders. Concerning Hamas members abroad, those outside Palestine–screw them! Kill them!”

They continued, “I am speaking on behalf of my people … Hamas destroyed everything.”

About the Hamas leaders such as Ismail Haniyeh, the Gazan said, “They’re all out there sitting in hotels. Screw them – curse their father.”

Another angry civilian in Gaza said, “Hear what the people around you are saying, may Allah save us from you, Hamas.”

They continued, “Allah will curse them. Curse them and those who chose them. They destroyed us and brought us back 100 years. May Allah bring disaster upon them.”

“The (Palestinian) people are captives of theirs [Hamas], these dogs are exploiting their power over us.”

One Palestinian in Gaza told the Israeli intelligence officer that Hamas killed his cousin when he asked UNRWA for help, and said, “When will you free us from them?”

The officer replied, “Why should we get rid of them, why don’t you get rid of them yourself?”

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He replied, “Because they killed my cousin yesterday.”

Another person said he was staying in his house because he was afraid Hamas would take over, fire missiles into Israel, and have his home demolished.

He said, “Explain to them, to everyone, they want us to get out of our houses so they can use them to shoot at you,” the civilian told the officer.

He added, “They want the houses so they can tear them down, to get through them (and fire missiles).”

Although many Palestinians seem to support Gaza, a number of them are expressing their anger at the terror group for the abuses against their own civilians.

Gazans living in and around the city of Rafah, on the Egyptian border, wrote to Channel 12 with details of life under Hamas post-October 7th.

“The streets are filled with garbage, sewage, and filth,” one man wrote.

“There are long lines for the humanitarian aid, but it is all stolen. They have removed Hamas members more than once when they saw them in the streets.”

“Our lives have become impossible,” he continued. “All of Hamas is in Rafah.”